At Brandsoft we are a motley bunch of developers, testers, designers and e-commerce experts who do what we love to do while leveraging each others’ unique skills and experience. If you are a small or medium size business or a startup we would love to work with you to take care of your IT needs so that you can focus on what YOU love to do.

Nandini Bhaduri

Director – Development & Production, India

Nandini stumbled upon coding quite by accident way back in 1998 after completing a masters degree in Chemistry (switching from a major in Economics ) and voilà, she knew what she wanted to do . Moving to web technologies from client-server during the infancy of the web she has coded in multiple languages including C++, Java and PHP and is a full–stack developer who loves HTML , CSS and JavaScript just as much. An avid gardener, an amateur water color artist and a lifelong learner of new things, Nandini also spends a good deal of her time helping out budding technology enthusiasts by blogging and answering questions on Stack Overflow.

Monalika Bose

Director – Marketing & Technical, UK

The best way to describe Monalika is as a solver of peoples’ problems. Often times customers invite her to discuss a particular problem and find solutions to several others. She has a strong understanding of domains as diverse as accounting, retail and e-waste management. An unapologetically indoor person, in her leisure time you can find her in museums or at the theater if she is not playing agony aunt to some one or the other.

Sanjucta Ghose

Chief Technical Consultant, India

Having spent years as a solution architect and technical manager in large IT organizations such as Capgemini, Sanjucta, who holds a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering constantly finds herself hijacking her teams’ laptops to hack out a few lines of code herself. She can code in Java, PHP, Python among other languages and spends a good deal of her time tinkering with new technologies, web and mobile. An enthusiastic trekker and avid traveler, Sanjucta enjoys finding out more about different cultures and cuisines. Easy to talk to, she has a knack for figuring out exactly what her customer wants.

Subhabrata Chandra

Creative Consultant, India

Forever doodling on the back of notebooks as a child, designing was a natural career choice for Subhabrata. His passion for making things look good extends beyond web pages to office walls and (not always grateful)colleagues’ work desks. With a strong social conscience and unfailing good nature, he spends part of his leisure time in helping non profits. On weekend mornings you can find him with his SLR camera indulging his other passion – Photography.